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Weight dummy Bot

Our laboratory needed a weight dummy for conducting research tests, and we had to develop our own implementation due to unavailability of relevant equipment in Russia.
Our Bot is a weight dummy intended for carrying out various tests and trials. Entirely made of metal, with all anthropometric data and centers of gravity observed, it has 16 degrees of mobility: two in the ankle joint, two in the knee joint, two in the hip joint, as well as in the shoulder and in the elbow. The upper part of the weight dummy is equipped with a lifting eye nut, which makes Bot easy to install or remove from the workplace using a suitable lifting eyebolt.
Our Bot performs its tasks with accuracy and consistency; it cannot feel pain or hunger.
We offer two modifications for adults and two for children.

Bot for adults:
Weight: 44/50 kg
Height: 168 cm

Bot for children:
Weight: 72/100/150 kg
Height: 195 cm

Bot is gender-neutral. Purchase it to see how efficiently a human can use our development!

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