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Exoskeleton Remotion has passed preliminary tests

Movement is life!

The Mechatronic Systems Lab has conducted preliminary tests of the prototypes of the Remotion exoskeleton intended for medical use. During the testing, the exoskeletons walked 160 km in round-the-clock mode, performed 3,500 sit-to-stand cycles and 3,200 twisting movements, and were exposed to the temperatures of +50°C and -50°C in a thermal shock chamber. To implement the program of preliminary testing methodology, the engineers of the Mechatronic Systems Lab offered a range of interesting technical solutions:
a weight dummy of variable mass and height parameters, which simulates a patient weighing from 72 kg to 100 kg whose height may range between 175 cm and 190 cm;
a weight-support system for a medical treadmill to allow an exoskeleton with a weight dummy walking at a speed of 1.5 km / hour without human intervention while simultaneously moving the center of mass from one foot to the other when walking.
The preliminary tests did not only validate the technical solutions used in the exoskeleton design but also helped identify several faults to be eliminated by the time of acceptance and clinical trials.

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