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Test bench for gearmotors

Motors (gearmotors, gearboxes, electric motors), like any other mechanical engineering products, are subjected to test runs at all stages of the product lifecycle: at the time of development and production launch, during operation and after repair. To carry out the necessary trials, test benches (measurement and testing equipment) are needed as the quality of the manufactured products depends directly on the accuracy and reliability of the data output from the test benches.

The Mechatronic Systems Lab has designed a range of test benches aimed to determine the torque,gear ratio, efficiency, speed of rotation, accuracy, housing surface temperatures,noisiness, vibrations during the research, initial, and acceptance tests, aswell as other types of trials. These test benches allow for conductinglong-term testing, such as mean time between failures and life test withcyclically varying load.

The advantage of our test benches is their capability to receive the data into one system, on one PC, and construct graphs of one value as a function of another, for example, a graph of the torque against the rotational speed (accelerations,  shaft position), or a plot of temperature versus the rotational speed, etc. This approach enables determining many causes of drive failures as early as at the prototype stage.

It is possible to calculate the torque using either the existing method of deceleration or the novel inertia method. The strong point of the conventional deceleration method is its well-proven measurement technology and availability of certified devices, while the advantage of the inertia method lies in the accuracy of torque measurements in the case of rapidly changing operating modes.

The MechatronicSystems Lab is ready to custom design test benches with technical specificationsaccording to you requirements and equipment. We can also develop a testing scheduleand procedures for a particular test bench. It is possible to perform the testingof your products on our test benches, and, separately, develop the testingschedules and procedures specifically for your applications.

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