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Rechargeable batteries for demanding applications: medicine, manufacturing, transportation, low temperatures

The process of developing stand-alone devices always raises the question of a power source, the design of which involves a number of important nuances influencing the reliability of the entire product. We are experienced in developing rechargeable batteries from the ground up and can implement any non-standard self-contained power supply custom-tailored to your needs.

Possible areas of work:

  1. Getting familiar with yourproject and initial technical consultation
  2. Design assignment prepared byyou, or we can help with its preparation
  3. Development of the battery housingand holders; selection and attachment of connectors
  4. Design, ergonomics and controls
  5. Any chemistry type and standardcell size: Li-Po, Li-Ion (ICR, NCA, NCM) 3.6v-3.7v; LiTiO (LTO) 2.4v;Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd 1.2v
  6. Novel fluoroketone-basedignition protection system (Novec 1230)
  7. Selection, installation andprogramming of the BMS (battery management system) board with a full range offunctions and protection capabilities
  8. Selection of a charger
  9. Prototype production
  10. Tests
    • Mechanical abuse testing
    • Climatic testing
    • Electromagnetic compatibility  (EMC) and electrostatic discharge testing
    • Charge / discharge characterization,presented as graphs, using load ballast and a professional iCharger 4010 DUOcharging station
  11.  Preparation of preliminary design and / orworking construction documentation, methods, test certificates and reports.

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