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QUAD robotic training platform

The Mechatronic Systems Lab has created a QUAD robotic platform. Designed for educational purposes, QUAD is intended for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students, young designers, as well as for design offices whose staff need to practice operation algorithms; it may also be used for transporting attachable equipment of any kind. The platform is an all-wheel-drive vehicle with a weight-carrying capacity of 200 kg. The platform has eight threaded holes for attaching equipment.
The platform is fitted with the following component parts:
Electric drive:
Drives – BLDC power-wheels – 4 pieces
Motor Control Drivers – VESC – 4 pieces

Control system:
Central Computer – Orange Pi PC Plus

Image identification:
Scanning Rangefinder (Lidar) – YLIDAR X4
Camera – OPI 5 MP OV5640 auto zoom with wide-angle lens
Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor – JSN-SR04T 6m – 4 pieces

Sensor system:
Digital Accelerometer / Gyroscope / Compass – HWT901B

Wireless interfaces:
GPRS GSM module – SIM800L
Built-in Wi-Fi Orange Pi
Mobile зhone – Xiaomi Redmi 4X

Exterior design:
Illumination – Led Pixel Strip SK9822 1m
If you want to make an order or develop cooperation with us, please, contact us at info@mechsys.ru.

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